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Eight to Five A Race to Freedom

Eight to Five A Race to Freedom

Every day I get home after working 8hr or more and I ask myself: Is this what I want for me and my family? Well I have a “steady” job and a pay check that comes in every two weeks, my wife is happy, she has her routine, you know clean the house, take care of my son with all his school activities, she makes me dinner, clean my clothes, do grocery on Saturday and pay all the bills. My son is growing and I can see his level of interest changing as he matures, he is a good talented kid, then I stop thinking and I look around and I see myself just getting old.

Well let me tell you my story. My mother was living in New York in her sister house then one day she decided to go back to Puerto Rico where she is from and met my father, later I was conceived. Then she decided to go back to New York for a while, see, my mother has a free spirit and like to try new ventures and opportunities. My father is the opposite he likes to go to work in a “steady’ 8 to 5 job better and he is happy to be on his comfort zone but my mother loves her freedom, be able to work, move around, make money, see the world.

Story short after twenty year they got divorce, she continues working as a travel agent and my father stayed on his Insurance Company, they both reached the age to received social security check now. She gets $500 a month and live in Florida in a small apartment community and don’t work due to her health condition but still active going to the local library teaching other the art of sewing and crafts. She was recognized for her dedication on a local municipal newspaper. Everybody love her.

My father is a little different he gets full S.S. benefits over $2000 a month and still live in the same house I was raised and still works in the same company. He has many friends and everybody love him at work, heck last year the company had a surprise birth day party. My sister and brother went to Puerto Rico to celebrate, sadly due to my Job and timing I could not go. I had to send a video telling him how much I love him and wishing him a long life. They had a blast the only thing I could do is just see the photo they sent me.

I asked myself again, what happen to me. I studied biology thinking I was going to be a Doctor one day. Life move quickly, I tried to apply to medical schools but never had the opportunity to get in, I could not compete with other students. They asked me: how are you going to pay for school? I said, scholar ship and loan but when they asked the other students they said, my dad is going to pay for my studies. Every time I went for an interview I was not alone there was two more students with me. I could not compete fairly, my dad was a regular hard-working man with a minimum wage, he could not afford my schooling like other dads. I was never accepted, well maybe I still have a chance.

I got married with my first wife, when to work at University of Miami School of Medicine Tissue Bank, I was so excited to work there since I had the chance to work with human tissue and process it for transplant. I was surrounded with doctors and patients. I even had a chance to work in forensic and helped in autopsy. I been working in Tissue bank for 24 years. I look back and I can see I have my mother spirit since I been moving a lot. I worked in Miami tissue bank then move to Atlanta to work in National Tissue Bank then I moved to Puerto Rico and created my own Tissue Bank Foundation (PRTRF) for seven years. In that time, a good friend Jesus Hernandez was working in a Tissue Bank (Bacterin) in Montana. He called me to hire me as a consultant to help to develop processing. After nine months, he gave an offer to stayed and become an employee and work with him. As opportunity comes and goes I decided to take his offer. I had to called my friends and partners in Puerto Rico and deliver the news that I was not coming back and that they had to run the foundation. I told them they will continue to have my support, I trained them well, they know what to do. After a year the foundation was disintegrated, everybody felt it was not the same and they part ways.

I learned that day that nobody will run your business like you. I had FREEDOM when I worked the foundation, I was my own boss, I loved to wake up to read the newspaper, drink my coffee in the morning without worrying that I was running late to work, see this type of freedom came with a price too ,some time when I was ready to go back home it was 10 pm, but when you do what you love it does not feel like work, it felt like I had the world in my hands, time or bosses was not controlling me or telling me at what time I need to go lunch or telling me at what time I am supposed to go home. It was a good feeling knowing that I can control my own life. I can wake up the next day and go with my wife to do grocery at 9 o’clock hold my son in my chest, play with him while my wife finish getting everything we needed. Go back home, help her put everything in the fridge and then take her to lunch. Owning your own business is demanding but rewarding in many ways. I loved those seven years.

I went back to the corporate life once I accepted my friend offer, it is not bad, Montana is beautiful state, winter can be very cold but loved the white Christmas, playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate…. But summer is wonderful season, after 6 six years the company decided to lay off 30 people, I was included, so much for a secured biweekly paycheck. The company offered me a severance package, I took it and it felt so good and scary at the same time. Finally, I got my FREEDOM back again. I needed to decide if I wanted to go back to the corporate world or run my own business again but when opportunity knocks the door you have to take it or run away from it.  My friend who help me to get the job in Montana started his own tissue bank in San Antonio Texas, a small company with a lot of potentials, I decided to work for him this time. It has been an exited four years.

Today I work in my friend’s company and started my own business from home. I sell on eBay, create webpages, write articles for a friend magazine that I helped to cofound and do affiliate marketing. Working online projects give me the opportunity and hope that soon I can be independent again. I work 8 to 5 pm and keep my family happy then I work my business from home giving me the flexibility to create a passive income, growth and happiness. I know I will find the key to wealth, I won’t give up.

I have the spirit and entrepreneurship of my mother and I have my father mentality to be consistent and faithful to your job and become a good hard worker. I learned from both that you can do what you love, you can be consistent, steady and you can dream. I also learned that opportunity is given to you one time and if you don’t take it, you won’t never know if it would ever have worked, you can always move on and do something else.

I will continue supporting my family but I will never stop working to a healthier, wealthier and happy future. I will soon take control of my own life again and when I do, I will make sure it will never slip out my hands again. I invite you to run this race with me in this journey toward our FREEDOM.

Don’t give up…. Help other to achieve dreams because by doing it, you are closer to complete yours….


Jose D. Milian

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