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How can I conserve water in my house?

How can I conserve water in my house?

Statistic says that 75 % of water used indoors is from the bathroom. Every time we flush the toilet and shower, we are consuming a big portion of it. Now ,if you have a lawn you might be using another big portion of your water use. Statistic also say that 50% of the water consumed by household come from the used of outdoors. You can read more about the city’s water Conservation Program of your area that will help you conserve water. Here in San Antonio Texas we have different rules to follow when we have drought restrictions. Drought rules and stages San Antonio effectively manage water use based on specific levels of the Edwards Aquifer. 

Personal Tips: 

1-     Take shorter showers instead of baths 

2-     Run the dishwashers and clothes washer with full loads only. The best thing to do is adjusting the water levels to the load size. 

3-     Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving 

4-     Keep a jug of water in the refrigerator instead of letting the tap water run until is cool. 

Repair Tips: 

1-     Get new low-flow showerheads or flow restrictors to help you conserve water and get exactly what you need. 

2-     Look for dripping faucets and replace the washers 

3-     You can check for your toilet leaks by placing a few droplets of food coloring in the tank , this will tells you if the water is leaking to the bowl meaning is time to replace the flapper. 

4-     You can replace older toilets with new low- flow toilet or you can simply place a plastic jug with water in the tank to displace some of the water. 

Outdoor tips: 

1-     When you are washing the car the best thing to do is rinse the car completely then use the bucket with water and soap to wash the car and finally use a hose with a shut –off nozzle for your final rinse.

Writen By:  Jose D. Milian, BS CC

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