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Read about supporting a student with Go Fund Me

Read about supporting a student with Go Fund Me

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Hello I am Jose Milian and I have three wonderful sons. Two of my sons live in Puerto Rico and I live in Texas. Daniel is having hard ship every day to get to the university. His friends and family take him but most of the time he walks, take a bus or somebody will give him a ride. It is hard when he needs to be early, now his aunt let him use her car but is not the same.

This is Daniel:


He is a good kid with good grade. I want to help him get his grandpa car fix so he can get to college without having to ask or borrow.

Any help will be appreciated. Since I am in Texas is so much I can give and do. He is a good basketball player too and some time he misses to go due to transportation.

He is studying Computer Science at Intermerican University of San German. I just got him is first laptop to help him with his computer homework. Your support will help him with his transportation. It will also help my other son who started to studying Respiratory Therapy and needs transportation too.

If they reach the goal both will benefit since Daniel will be able to drive his brother to college too. Your support will be appreciated, if you can't give please help us share a link. As a father, I will do anything to help them. Thanks, and God bless all for reading our message.

PS. No matter how hard I work to support them if time take away the only thing I can't get back, the time I lost not been with them., but one thing I will never regret is my love to them. Jose

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