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How To Use a Pan to Find Gold During Prospecting

To become an expert during gold panning you will need to follow these simple steps. As you learn it is a good idea to pan in a container big enough where you can recover the material while you practice.

  1. Place the material or pay dirt and add enough water to cover the gravel or dirt. 
  2. Float and shake the gold pan to settle the gold to the bottom of the pan since gold is 10 time heavier than water. This will helps to mix the gravel or dirt up to your fingers. 
  3. Dip the gold pan in the water and allow the lighter material to move and wash out the pan while moving the gold pan back and forth. 
  4. Let the less heavy material move or wash out the gold pan then float and shake the pan again by repeating step two. 
  5. Repeat the process until you get a small amount of pay dirt or material in your gold pan until you can see the gold. 
  6. Once you see the gold you can use suction tweezers to squeeze the gold into the small vial.

Where to get Pay Dirt

The best place to buy quality pay dirt is on eBay. Here are some tips on how to make money with gold while you have fun looking for gold nuggets and gravel to practice gold panning.

Buying gold nuggets

  1. Check the gold value on real time value market. 
  2. Calculate how much the value of Gold is in grams. 
  3. Once you know how much is the value of the gold then start searching on eBay 
  4. Never bid more than 10 % over of the gold market value for gold nuggets. 
  5. If you see a gold nugget that weights 0.1 g and the market value for gold is $1477.00 per oz then the actual price for that nugget is $4.74. You could buy it for no higher than $5.21 
  6. If you buy higher than $4.74 then you will have to wait for the gold price to increase to make a profit. 
  7. Try to buy as low as you can because the future of gold is only going up.

Buying pay dirt

  1. If you want to buy dirt to learn gold panning the best place is on eBay. 
  2. Look for honest people that work on a claim site that dig every day for gold. 
  3. Test the dirt by buying at least 2 pound of dirt or gravel. 
  4. Get some guarantee that it will have some gold. 
  5. Don’t pay more than $18.00 per pound of pay dirt. 
  6. Once you get your pay dirt have fun panning, hey! You might break even or make a small fortune. I have bought $18 worse of pay dirt and after panning I found enough gold worth $15. 
  7. Soon the gold price will double and you have built a profit. Have fun.

written by Jose Milian CC

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